7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, Feb. 11

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Daily Objectives:

1. Use tools and equipment (spring scales, graduated cylinders, beakers, triple beam balance scale, digital scale, meter sticks and trundle wheel, thermometer, ) appropriate to scientific investigations 

2. Identify evidence of chemical change through color, gas formation, solid formation, and temperature change.

S.IP.07.13 /    S.IP.07.14 / P.PM.07.24 / P.PM.07.11

Today in Class:

1.  You completed your Chemical and Physical Changes Lab – questions on the back; we corrected these and discussed the answers.

2.  We started Metric Measurement —  you are going to really like this!!!  I know you can do it and it will be a fun experience!  Get ready to measure!  🙂

Homework:  Complete any missing assignments.


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