7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, Feb. 10

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Daily Objectives:

1. Students classify and correctly group types of matter by their chemical and physical changes which occur

2. Identify evidence of chemical change through color, gas formation, solid formation, and temperature change. 

P.PM.07.24 /  P.PM.07.11 /  S.IP.07.12 /       S.IP.07.13 /     S.IP.07.16 /       S.IA.07.11 /    S.IA.07.12 P.CM.07.21 / P.CM.07.21 / P.CM.07.22 / P.CM.07.23

Today in Class:

1. Chemical and Physical Changes Investigation – complete in groups of 3; students complete with a guided format (students follow as directions are stated in steps)

2. Students record  which experiments are chemical changes      and which are physical changes; they then record observations

3. Answer questions  and then clean-up lab


Answer 2-3 “Analyze the Data”- questions at the end of the lab WS… you will finish the last 2 questions tomorrow at the beginning of class after you discuss the observations of the lab with your class.


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