7th Science Rocks!

Monday, Feb. 9

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Daily Objectives:

1. Students classify and correctly group types of matter by their chemical and physical changes which occur

2. Identify evidence of chemical change through color, gas formation, solid formation, and temperature change.

3.  Classify matter by its composition; arrange types of matter from simple to complex

P.PM.07.24 / P.PM.07.11 / A.PA.07.01  /  P.PM.M. 2

Today in Class:

1.   View various experiments on videos, and note chemical changes vs physical changes. Students watched these videos and label the types of changes on their correlating WS  ( I am noting the URL’s of these videos below).  Next, you discussed your answers with a group of students,.

2.  Large group: read through the Chemical and Physical Activity together.  Did you understand the procedure?

Video Clips to practice Chemical and Physical changes activities:

1. Fireworks

2. Icicles melting

3. evaporating water

4. carbon snake

5. Gummi Bears –

6. water moving because of sound waves

7. “Elephant’s toothpaste”

8.  cook hot dog; melting steel


Just re-read the Chemical changes lab. Be prepared for the lab.  Remember – no hairspray tomorrow.  We are using candles (open flame).


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