7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, Feb. 3

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Daily Objectives:

1. Describe density as a property of matter

2. Use deductive reasoning to explain how to make a golf ball sink or float in water

3.  Draw conclusions from sets of data from multiple trials of a scientific investigation to draw conclusions.

4.  Classify substances by their chemical and physical properties 

5.  Evaluate scientific explanations based on current evidence and scientific principles.

S.IP.07.11 /   P.PM.07.24 / S.IP.07.12 /   S.RS.07.15  S.RS.07.14 /  P.PM.07.11  S.IA.07.14

Today in Class:

1.  Students moved into a new seating arrangement

2.  Students discussed their “Gather Information” concepts with the class- compared notes.

3.  Students discussed their results and the materials used to attempt to make the golf ball float.

4.  Students wrote a conclusion, based on their concepts and feedback from the class groups.

5.  Students took notes on Chemical and Physical Properties, Types of Matter, (Elements, Compounds, Mixtures) .   These notes are updated on my “Notes” page on this blog 🙂


1.  Complete your “do -overs” for the Gather Information and the conclusion, if you did not complete this  during class.

2.  Complete the WS” Compounds, Mixtures, Elements (abbreviated labels are ok – C,  E,  Het M,  Hom M )     *****4th Hour- you need to copy the notes you did not complete during class.  I will get you caught up during class tomorrow.***


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