7th Science Rocks!

Friday, January 30

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Daily Objectives:

1. Describe density as a property of matter

2. Use deductive reasoning to explain how to make a golf ball sink or float in water  

S.IP.07.11 /   P.PM.07.24 / S.IP.07.12 /   S.RS.07.15

Today in Class:

1.  Your group completed writing your Materials List and the Procedure for your experiment.

2.  Your group showed me that you could demonstrate a golf ball that had sunk in water– or in water with another substance.

3.  Your group should have attempted 1,2, or 3+ trials to attempt to get a golf ball to float in a tennis ball container with water and one more substance.


No formal HW, but do you have any missing work?  Complete it over the weekend.  OOOORRRRRRR… if you could use a little review time or study time with your chemical and physical properties, then Study!  🙂


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