7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, Jan. 27

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Daily Objectives:

1. Describe density as a property of matter

2. Calculate density as a mathematical expression

P.PM.07.24 / S.IP.07.11 / S.IA.07.14 / N.MR.07.02

Today in Class:

1.  I  ♥ Density!!    So do you, right???  You learned that the formula for density is  D = m/v…. Now if that fractional unit was written correctly, the “m” would be right over the “v”—-  forming a heart!  🙂

2.  Your class determined and calculated the density of different liquids, using beakers, liquids like water, syrup, dish soap, baby oil, and rubbing alcohol.  Which was the least dense?  most dense?  Don’t forget, the units for density are g/mL

3.  Groups completed classifying sand examples by the physical properties.

Homework:   Actively study!!  This means to walk around the house and look at many different items, and classify them by their chemical and physical properties.  Fun, Fun, Fun!


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