7th Science Rocks!

Monday, January 26

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Use scientific observations and descriptions to compare and contrast various sand samples

2.  List examples of physical and chemical properties of elements and compounds (boiling point, density, color, conductivity, reactivity). 

P.PM.M.1  P.PM.07.24  S.IP.07.11  P.PM.07.11 

Today in Class:

1.  Bell Ringer! Think!!  I Observe, I Wonder, I Predict – class demo.

1.  Discuss and  Student questions – listing of chemical and physical properties…. now that you have actively read about these properties, and listed many on the Smart Board as a class– we discussed these as a large group.  You were given many examples of these physical properties.  Students asked questions about chemical and physical properties.  

2.  Small groups scientifically observe sand samples and list physical properties to classify the sand types by their physical properties



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