7th Science Rocks!

Monday, Jan. 19

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Daily Objectives: 

1.  Connect chemical principles of DNA fruit extraction lab to Genetics and Heredity

2.   Develop conclusions that our DNA is carefully packaged inside the nuclei of our cells 

 S.IP.07.12 /   L.OL.M.2  /  L.HE.07.21 / L.HE.07.22

Today in Class:

1.  Students broke up into 2 groups:

a.  Those that chose to Make Up their Punnett Square WS #3- and had a harder time with this last week,…

     You completed P Square WS 3 again and then corrected this


b.  Those who just wanted practice and review for the Quiz Wed.:

   You worked on Sponge Bob Genetics WS— this was just practice, not for points

2.  Then students went to their DNA Extraction Groups, and completed the back page (analyze data and develop a conclusion) of the lab.  Some of the classes started to correct their labs, and some of the classes just worked right up until the end of the hour.  We will correct these fully tomorrow.


Study once again for the quiz Wed.: Genetics & Heredity Quiz #2.  Topics that will be included are: genes, chromosomes, alleles, & DNA; traits (inherited & acquired); homozygous & heterozygous; hybrid & purebred; genotype & phenotype; Punnett Squares; XX x XY Crosses, relate to probability; cross-pollination,…


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