7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, January 13

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Daily Objectives:
1.  Describe principles of probability and explain how they relate to Mendel’s results.  
2.  Students will differentiate between heterozygous and homozygous; students will be able to match correct percent amounts with offspring phenotypes and genotypes
3.   Physically illustrate that there is a 50% chance of receiving a specific allele from each parent and a 50% chance of receiving a male/female allele

L.HE.M.2 /        L.HE.07.21 /        L.HE.07 22

Today in Class:

1.  You completed Punnett Square Worksheet #3, to double-check if you understand the concepts involved

2.  We discussed , reviewed and corrected the Punnett Square WS #3 and the Dragon Activity (with chromosomes, genes, genotype & phenotype)

3.  Flip a Penny  Activity;  a.  Read pages 80-81.  b.  you and a partner flip a penny 100 times and record the number of heads and tails.  c.  record the data on page 80 or 81.  We will discuss this tomorrow.

Homework:   read pages 136 and 137.  Copy the male / female cross, (Punnett Square) on page 137.  Write the percents for genotype and phenotype.  Copy this into your notes.


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