7th Science Rocks!

Friday, December 19

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Compare how characteristics of living things are passed on through generations, both asexually and sexually. 

2. Differentiate between acquired vs inherited traits.

L.HE.07.21 / L.HE.M.2

Today in Class:

1.  You took a few notes: Genotype, Dominant, & Recessive Traits, … and then we discussed this to make sure it made sense to you.  We had a couple of students act out DOMINANT and RECESSIVE traits, and gave examples of genotype and phenotype in most classes.

2.  I check your HW– did you have great definitions for Acquired and Inherited Traits?  Those people who did not complete these definitions for HW had to refer to their texts and write the definitions down before they could go on to the next task.

3.  If you completed your HW on time, then you started your Acquired vs Inherited Slides… most people completed 4-5 slides in class…. this is not HW for you.  {see below for expectations}

4.  IF you did not complete your definitions for HW on time, and you just began your A vs I Slides (see #3), then you should work on these, probably complete these tonight, so you do not start out behind in January.

Acquired vs Inherited Slides “Poster”

_____ 3 pictures (each) – acquired traits

3 pts

_____ 3 pictures (each) – inherited traits


_____ 3 labels (each)– acquired traits


_____ 3 labels (each) – inherited traits


[6 slides total]

Homework:  No Homework  (unless you have missing work)_  Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakkuh, Happy Kwanzaa and happy holidays 🙂 !!!


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