7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, Dec. 18

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Daily Objectives:

1 Differentiate between asexual and sexual division

2. Identify the various male / female flower parts and the roles that they play in sexual reproduction

3.  Compare how characteristics of living things are passed on through generations, both asexually and sexually.

4.  Growth and Development- Following fertilization, cell division produces a small cluster of cells that then differentiate by appearance and function to form the basic tissue of an embryo.

L.HE.07.21  / L.OL.M.3

Today in Class:

1.  Today was a “notes” day!!  You took notes on Mendel’s experiments.  There are many new terms and concepts in this section, so we are taking our time here, and explaining these notes, making sure you understand the concepts.

These notes refer to pages 74-79.


1.  Review the diagrams and pictures in pages 74-79.  Do you understand what they are trying to teach you?  What is the point of each image?  (This is another reading strategy- Checking out the diagrams and pictures in the reading).

2.  Define:  Acquired and Inherited Traits – in your notes…. check out the notes posted on this blog.  I will be updating the Notes for the Week directly after I post this entry 🙂


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