7th Science Rocks!

Monday, Dec. 8

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Daily Objectives:

1. Infer parents’ genotype and phenotype by observing one parent and offspring

2. Differentiate between asexual and sexual division 

3. Identify the need for evidence in making scientific decisions. 

4. Demonstrate scientific concepts through various illustrations

S.RS.07.13 / S.RS.07.15  /  L.HE.07.21  /  L.OL.07.32 

Today in Class:

1.  Bell ringer: create a Reading Frame, and use this to note key concepts and important details of the reading on pages 72-73

2.  Complete Inference Activity, using example pictures– note 2-3 scientific observations and then infer what happened, using the clues from your observations

3.  Notes- Genetics, Heredity, traits, …

Homework:  Quiz this coming Friday, 12/12 (topics include: Mitosis, Cell Cycle, Traits, Inference; Cross-pollination…)


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