7th Science Rocks!

Friday, Dec. 5

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Examine how through cell division, cells can become specialized for specific functions.

2. Identify patterns in data.

3. Communicate and defend findings of observations and investigations.

4. Generate scientific questions based on observations, investigations, and research.

5.  Use tools and equipment ( and tapes, models,  microscopes) appropriate to scientific investigations

S.IP.07.11  /  S.IP.07.13  /  L.OL.07.32  /  S.IP.07.16  /  S.IA.07.13

Today in Class:

1.  2nd and 3rd hour completed their Cell Cycle & Mitosis Microscope Lab.

2.  E -Team Announcement

3.  We corrected the Cell Cycle & Mitosis Microscope Lab

4.  Students discussed,”What is inference?”  and “How does inference apply to the study of traits and Genetics?’

5.  5th and 7th hours had time to begin their inference activity… the rest of the 7th Grade classes will begin this Monday.


If you did not perform well on your Mitosis and Cell Cycle WS (grades are on the portal)– please check out the Mitosis and cell Cycle websites and videos posted earlier this week (Tuesday, Thursday).  If you draw any phase or stages from the Cell Cycle. or label these and or write a phrase to summarize each step (after you look at/watch the videos online), show this work to me Monday.  I will accept this for make-up work.


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