7th Science Rocks!

Monday, November 3

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Daily Objectives:  

1. Explain how cells make up different body tissues, organs, and organ systems.2. Relate the idea that in multicellular organisms, specialized cells perform specialized functions. 3. Demonstrate understanding of the parts of the microscope – its care and correct use as well as knowledge of the parts of a microscope.

Today In Class:

1.  We reviewed the instructions, purposes, and directions for creating our study games.  If you still have questions, look at my blog entries for last week Thursday and Friday.

2.  Microscope Lab #3:  Human Body Cells-

You went from station to station, and looked at different human body cells, They looked different because they have specialized functions.  You were to write the title for each slide and then describe each slide with scientific observations.    At the end of class, you drew one of the human body cells.


No HW, unless you did not complete at least 15 Q & A’s for your Microbiology Study Game last week Friday during class.


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