7th Science Rocks!

Friday, Oct. 31

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Daily Objectives:   1. Describe how cells in multicellular  organisms are specialized and each part of the cell has a specialized function  2.  Explain how cells make up different body tissues, organs, and organ systems

Today in Class:

1.  You completed the Cell S & F Rhymes WS. and this was corrected and collected.

2.  You were shown some of the examples of “Study Games”  If you have further ideas and questions – post them on the blog, here and students can see your ideas and you could see theirs- more ideas, the better!  Remember, I did list a bunch of Study Game suggestions on Thursday’s post.

3.  Now you began to write your  Q & A for their Study Games. You could choose to write their questions on cards (like 3  x  5 or 4  x  6), on loose leaf, or type up the Q & A. Questions may incorporate diagrams (of a cell) or they can be about any of the notes and reading the you have learned about so far in this unit. They should have aimed to complete 15-20 questions and answers in class.  You should have kept this work. You  will continue with this next week. It is not HW

Homework:  No HW unless you did not complete many questions for your Study Game and did not work in class…  Have a great time this weekend!


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