7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, October 30

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Daily Objectives:   1. Describe how cells in multicellular  organisms are specialized and each part of the cell has a specialized function  2.  Explain how cells make up different body tissues, organs, and organ systems

Today in Class:    

1.  Notes and review:  Cell specialization and cell structures & functions You explained how / why cells are different from one another, due to function and location.

2.   You were introduced to  a study game -study method to help you to review and understand the parts of the cells and differentiation of cells.  This explanation is listed below in the HW Section.

3.  Complete the Cell S & F Rhymes WS. This is a fun little review to help you to determine if you understand the cell structures and functions.   If you did not have time to complete this in class, it will be completed in class tomorrow.

Homework:  Spend time on your Study game…. do you need a backboard, or a ball or …?? Brainstorm…  what kind of game do you want to create?  List 3-5 ideas, and then circle the idea that you think will be the most fun – that you wish to create.  Then write a short (1-2 sentence) about how this game will be played.  Do NOT create this game board tonight- we will do this next week.

1.  Explanation of the Study Game Homework:  You will be creating a study game to help you to study the cell structures and functions, cell specialization and cell processes.  This is a different way to study – with a game.  The questions you write for your game (or cards) will be graded.  This will be an ongoing assignment – you will start to write questions tomorrow in class.    The game board, or ball or whatever you use will be graded, but it will only be a small part of your grade.  Your should NOT spend a lot of money on this game…. most of the time kids upcycle materials to use to create their game. Examples of past types of games are below- note that kids basically just “made up” many of the games and how to play:

Jeopardy game boards

a “study ball” – a ball with numbers written on it, and whatever number your thumb lands on is the number of a card with a question on it (this is one of the easiest games to create)

a kids game board – like Chutes and Ladders, or CandyLand (- that your little bro or sister does not use any more! 🙂 ) — that has been modified to have Q & A about Cells etc.

A Memory Game – a deck of cards with questions on the opposite sides to match with other cards

A grid of numbers 1-50 on cardboard — and checkers.  A player drops a checker from above and whichever # the checker lands on – the student had to try to answer the question.  If the student answers correctly, then they get that point.

Plinko Games- look online for an example of a board…. for whatever reason, this game was really popular with my students in the past couple of years.

Sucker Trees:  players pull a sucker out of a “tree” and whatever color is on the bottom of the suck – matches the color of the type of question that is asked

You will be shown examples tomorrow of some past game boards…  this is just a way you will study.  🙂


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