7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, October 29

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Daily Objectives:  1.  Describe how cells in multicellular  organisms are specialized and each part of the cell has a specialized function  3.  Conduct science investigations using appropriate tools and techniques— microscopes, appropriate to the scientific investigation  3.  Explain levels of organization: cells–> tissues—> organs—-> systems

Today in Class:  1.  Review the parts of the cell and their functions; refer to your sticky note reading    2. I passed back the Microscope Quiz: Correct Use of the Microscope,  Microscope Parts and How it Works .  Wow, you performed great!  I am proud of you!  If you still need some help with this, study with a friend a couple of times, and come in and re-take the quiz next Monday.  3.   Sticky note read:  pages 20-21.   4.   Microscope lab: Practice Focusing, Part I.  You and a partner focused on a tissue sample from the human body!  Whoa!  This was COOL!  You finally got  to focus the microscopes yourselves!  You will continue this lab on Monday 🙂

Homework:  Check out this cool cell video!  Many of the terms are HS level, but it is a fantastic piece of work that illustrates how cells are always moving and performing cell functions.  Remember, the point of watching this video is to give you an appreciation of how detailed and complex our cells are 🙂 – you should look for cell structures that we have listed this week. 


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