7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, May 20

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Objectives for Learning:

I can… 

1.  Identify what causes surface currents and explain how surface currents affect climate 2.   Analyze the flow of water between the components of a watershed, including surface features (lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands) and groundwater  3.  Identify and differentiate between different water environments

E.ES.07.81  / E.ES.07.82

Class Today:

1.  Review, discuss and ask questions:  Water Cycle, watersheds, … start notes on Ocean currents (review info referring to Ducks Overboard)

2.  Review diagrams, pictures on the above and others from our notes


Watch these 2 videos about Global Climate Change, or GCC and write 3-5 facts about GCC– what did you learn?  What were the key ideas?

Bill Nye 2014:  excellent explanation of GCC

Global Warming: a video by NASA, Goddard Space Center


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