7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, May 8

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Objectives for Learning:

I can…

1.  Students will  design an experiment and run this through, effectively demonstrating a) how different soils will have different absorption and infiltration rates and b) how various types of pollutants affect water absorption and infiltration  2.  Students will record a complete set of data, accurately.

E.ES.07.41  /  E.ES.07.81  /  E.ES.M.8 / E.ES.07.42  /  E.ES.M.4

Today in Class:

1.  Students moved into their teams and completed the Materials and Method sections of the Soil Permeability Experiment.  2.   Students wrote a Hypothesis for the experiment.  3.  Students ran the experiment, and recorded data.  4.  Ms. Kelly corrected/checked books for the reading/writing strategy, pp. 10-15.



Gather Information:  List and define 4+ terms from your Water Cycle notes, assigned textbook pages, and/or the websites that you were assigned to read last night.  These terms should help you to explain why your group arrived with your soil permeability results.  Some students listed the terms while they worked on their experiment during class today!  Good for you!



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