7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, May 7

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Objectives for Learning:

I can…

1.Explain the water cycle and describe how evaporation, transpiration, condensation, cloud formation, precipitation, infiltration, surface runoff and ground water occur within the cycle.  2. Students will  begin to design an experiment and run this through, effectively demonstrating a) how different soils will have different absorption and infiltration rates and b) how various types of pollutants affect water absorption and infiltration

E.ES.07.41  /  E.ES.07.81  /  E.ES.M.8 / E.ES.07.42  /  E.ES.M.4

Today in Class:

1.  Students completed Water, Atmosphere, Weather & Environmental Quiz #1

2.  Some students read p. 19 (after they finished their quiz) to prepare for the Soil Permeability experiment.  Some will need to complete this for HW.

3.  Students moved into teams and started to work on the Materials and Method sections of the Soil Permeability Experiment.

Homework:  READ!   Try to make connections between the terms and the Soil Permeability Experiment as you read!

Read p. 19 (if not completed during class).

Read these website pages listed below.

1.  Read the section, “What Kinds of Soil Do You Have?”  The 3 diagrams and short explanations of each soil type are excellent!  (You do not have to read the rest of the page).



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