7th Science Rocks!

Friday, March 21

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Objectives  for Learning:

1.  Describe how waves are produced by vibrations in matter.     2.  Demonstrate different types of waves, wave properties, wave types, wave components  3.  Determine the speed of a wave, if frequency and wavelength are known.  4.  Identify patterns in data.     5.  Analyze information from data tables and graphs to answer scientific questions.

P.EN.07.31  /  P.EN.07.32  /  S.IP.07.16  /  S.IA.07.11

Class Today….

1.  We completed the Wavelength, Frequency & Speed activity.  Students used the formula  S =  λ   x   f     Then we discussed and answered questions about the table, analyzing the data.

2.  Students began demonstrating their   sound  /  light  /  mechanical water wave demos in groups.  They discussed the concepts shown.


1.  Read pages 65 – 79.  Use a reading strategy to read the text effectively.  If you did not complete the 3 Questions assigned with the past reading assignment, you should complete 3 Questions on Sticky notes by Monday for this new reading selection.

2.  Coming up:  Waves and their Properties Quiz #1: Wednesday, March 26th.      Waves and the Electromagnetic Spectrum, Waves Quiz #2 will be Wednesday, April 2nd.




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