7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, March 11

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Objectives for Learning:  1. Describe how Mendeleev predicted and ordered the elements as he created the Periodic Table  2.  Point out methods of organization on the current Periodic Table: Describe how elements in the P. Table are organized (common properties, metals, non-metals, reactive metals,numbers in the element “boxes”…)

P.PM.07.21  /  P.PM.07.22  /  P.PM.07.23

Class Today:

1.  Students voted on the Chemical Change videos that they thought best represented chemical properties and evidence of chemical change.

2.  We answered questions from the reading last night.

3.  I showed students how to share a document with another student or 2 on  Drive.  Then students partnered up to create a Draw document, that was to illustrate a graphic organizer of the Periodic Table.  Students used their textbooks (USE your INDEX) to determine answers to questions about the Periodic Table, such as,

Who formed and designed the Periodic Table?”  How is the PT organized?  Tell me about the groups in the PT.  Are the groups named?  Are there specific properties in the elements’ organization in the PT?  What do the numbers in the element boxes represent?….”

Great Collaboration!!


Study your Chemistry notes!  Chem unit test this week!

Bring in items for “molecule models” to be made in class tomorrow.  This was discussed in class.

Ideas for “atoms” ???   paper, balled up foil, material, clay, styrafoam, cut-up cheese, gum drops, cotton balls, gummy bears, toothpicks, fruit snacks, grapes, cut up fruit (dip in OJ in the morning so it doesn’t brown and oxidize), some types of cereal that you could stick a toothpick into (Cap’n Crunch???) …  your ideas??


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