7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, Dec. 11


Class Today:

1.  Students played a team game, using their Hamburger Frames and your textbooks for answers.  I asked questions about the Cell Cycle and Mitosis, and you wrote your answers on the whiteboard.  Most class periods answered questions on the phases up to Anaphase.  We will finish this tomorrow.  Great job participating!!! This was really fun 🙂


Study the Cell Cycle using Diagrams:  create either a set of cards or a single paper …

If you use cards— draw a step or phase of the cell cycle on one side, and then describe it in words on the other side (what is happening to the chromosomes in this phase?  Is the cell dividing or growing?)  Label the cell diagram on the back;  on the front — it should be blank with no words.

If you use a single paper– draw each of the phase (like on p. 60-61) in a circle pattern.  Write some key ideas about each phase and label each phase.  When you study, cover up the words and labels.


7 thoughts on “Wednesday, Dec. 11

  1. Hi Ms.Kelly! I am a little confused on the Cell cycle homework on writing it on the card. On the end…you say that its supposed to be blank but I’m not sure what you mean by that

    • Hi Ana, If you are going to create review cards, just draw the diagram (like of a phase of mitosis) on one side of the card, but do not have any words or labels or descriptions or titles. just a DIAGRAM. Then, on the other side, draw the diagram with the labels and title of the phase and the description of the phase.
      Does this help?
      Thanks for your question! 🙂

  2. Yesss!! That helped ALOT!! I get it know! Thank you so much! Have a good afternoon! 🙂

  3. oops, *no * not know

  4. I am sorry to bother you with questions but, how many cards are we supposed to have? Also! Do we have to have a literal diagram…. like a venn diagram?

    • Ari, your questions are never a bother!
      First — how many cards?/ Depends… if you made a card for each step of the cell cycle, one for p. 59, one card /diagram for pp.74-75. one for 76, and one for 77, you would have at least 9 or 10.
      A literal diagram??? just a diagram from each of those pages, a drawing, does that make sense?
      Good job asking questions!
      Ms. Kelly

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